Sunday, November 29, 2015


Wow, where does time go? Exactly a year since my first blog post, and not a whole lot of posts in between, besides my best intentions...
Well a short one is in order...
I love maps, especially old maps, and the ones that contain old place names that have been lost to time. Gazetteers can be found that may have lists of old place names, but nothing like seeing them on the map itself.
I came across two beautiful, high resolutions maps if Ireland that are free to download. One from 1751 and one from 1850. The 1850 map is gorgeous! What a treat. Here's where I found them:
This is the link to the ZIP file for the 1850 Map (there's a similar ZIP link for the 1751 map):

This is a website for Irish Surnames, but I found the map interesting, especially since it was of a section of Ireland that I'm interested in. It's from

There are other websites for Ireland maps I've yet to discover, not to mention searching on eBay or other sites for old maps. This is one I found at a swap years ago of Great Britain, from 1889. Vintage...

Enjoy the hunt!